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    PS5 restock Twitter tracker for Target today, GameStop and Best Buy next week

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    The Target PS5 restock was today, and if you didn't get it, you need to follow our PS5 restock Twitter tracker Matt Swider. Follow and turn on notifications for alerts, as Matt tweets when the PS5 is in stock in US, including stores like Target, Best Buy, GameStop and Walmart. While other sites reported the PS5 restock at Target was 'likely' yesterday at a very odd time, we put our accurate news here at TechRadar to gain your trust. Matt Swider has helped. We're faithfully tracking the next PS5 restock and offering real-time alerts, though weekend restocks are rare.

    Matt has helped over 88,000 people get a next-gen console so far with these alerts:

    PS5 restock news today, Friday, October 1

    We saw the Target PS5 restock after three weeks of the US retailer not having the Sony console in stock. The $499 PS5 Disc console was for sale at 7:49am EDT, according to Matt Swider's tweet, while the $399 PS5 Digital Edition went on sale at 8:11am EDT in much smaller quantities (we know this since it sold out quickly and didn't show up in some regions of the United States).

    PS5 restock news has ramped up in recent weeks with a lot of people finally securing the PlayStation console either online or in stores, more than a year after pre-orders first went live.
    In-store PS5 restocks become more popular

    The big news is that the PS5 is starting to show up in stores. No, not on shelves, but sold in stores like GameStop and Best Buy with lines wrapped around the block.

    The Best Buy RTX 3080 GPU restock events set the stage for the retailer to do the same for PS5. There have only been two in-store PS5 restocks at major American retailers, so don't expect too many of those. We had exclusive news stories about both the Best Buy in-store PS5 restock and the GameStop PS5 restock in-store event, so we'll send out alerts ahead of time so you can line up. But online PS5 restocks are more frequent.

    We had on-the-ground reporting of both restock events – pretty much the only tech website doing so – and many of the people follow Matt's PS5 restock Twitter account.

    (Image credit: Matt Swider / Instagram)

    Online PS5 restocks remain more frequent

    PS5 restocks in person are still extremely rare, as we continue to see retailers sell the console online. Namely, Walmart, Target and Sam's Club do popular restocks that sell out in minutes.

    Thursday is usually the most active day. Walmart usually restocks on a Thursday, though not every Thursday and it's back-ordered right now, while Antonline, a little-known retailer with good customer service and fast shipping, has guaranteed weekly restocks of next-gen consoles (so it could be an Xbox Series X restock on some weeks).

    Target prefers Friday restocks, and today proved just that – the fifth Target PS5 restock on a Friday in a row. Target always restocks the PS5 restock in the morning, pretty much between 7am EDT and 8am EDT. In fact, there's been PS5 stock only at that time (except once) in 2021.

    There hasn't been much news at club retailers in the United States. Costo hasn't had been good source of PS5 stock in several months and may be holding back until Christmas 2021, which makes sense. Sam's Club did a restock overnight this week, but PS5 availability there has been limited.

    We can confirm that some retailers are purposely holding back consoles until closer to the holidays: think early November to meet ongoing demand and tie into early Black Friday deals. So you should find a console soon enough – if you keep up with the PS5 restock news and alerts.

    Learn from our GameStop PS5 restock live stream

    PS5 restock tutorials on YouTube are the best way to figure out how to checkout at each store in the US, and they're all different. We went through the step-by-step instructions on how to buy a PS5 at GameStop with a YouTube live stream.

    You can actually see Matt 'cart' (almost checkout with) a PS5 Digital console bundle (he didn't because he doesn't need another PS5 console).

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